About Rockhopping

One of the activities that are getting bigger by the time and that are attracting more and more people is rockhopping. This involves going around the world, finding rock and cliff beaches and areas with water and exploring them, it is not a water sport but it still can get you very wet.

Some variants of rockhopping involve also jumping from that cliff into the water around it, this way you can combine it with a water sport to get it more interesting, but it is quite interesting as it is, because you get a chance to explore those parts of the world where no man has ever put a step on and where only water and wind had the chance to get to.

Today rockhopping is also an extreme sport where people jump from cliff to cliff and try to get from one to another place only by doing that and using this quite hard terrain. It is interesting how different kinds of rockhopping can be so different also. Some are making the participants do it without any security ropes or anything like that, just their skills and luck, while others allow the participants to jump into the water and some don't.

It is amazing because of the amount of unexpected things that always happen and at the same time because of the simple rules, and no need for a big set of highly developed skills like with other extreme sports and water sports. Everyone can try it and be good at it in a short amount of time, but you can never try out all the terrains, so that there is always something new waiting for you to be explored. The change of getting a little bit wet of the beautiful sea water does also give a reason more to try out this amazing combination of different types of sport.

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